Cora Ripatti is a Fashion Industry Veteran turned Multi-Media Content Creator and Philanthropist. The Finnish-American, Southern California born and raised, Los Angeles resident, aims to synergize decades of diverse skills and talents – to create a sustainable philanthropic business model. This platform is designed to enable her personal artistic freedom, expression and growth – while raising resources and awareness to promote the healing of trauma and addiction.  


Healing starts at home

Motivated by the trauma within her own family circle – Cora Ripatti has spent decades exploring the depths of her own experience. The journey has led her to identify music and somatic release and yoga practice as critical to her personal healing process.

In 2010, Ripatti was producing and performing under the moniker Trauma Doll. The EP entitled VOVXXX was digitally released via Negative Feedback Recordings in 2011 and contained the tracks: Concave (ICU), Transfusion, In This Chaos and Resting Heartbeat.

Trauma Doll was a subconscious creation of dark ambient electronic music made in the wake of family tragedy and too much time spent in ICU’s with a laptop. The music echoed the emotional aftershocks of her sister Maureen’s death due to complications with Lupus (2003) and the shooting/paralysis of her oldest sister Kristina Ripatti  (LAPD shooting 2006).

 A double entendre – the time period of TD’s gestation was laced with Ripatti’s own addiction to the pain killer tramadol (2006-2008). However, contrary to the belief of many, it was not intentional as the name and conception of “Trauma Doll” preceded the addiction.

Combine an event as surreal and radically life-altering as a sibling being shot and catapulted into the public sphere – with a doctor’s legal prescription for a pill that made her “feel good and still be able to function”… a pill that was excessive in quantity, with unmonitored usage and ample refills – and there you have a perfect storm…a prescription for addiction.  

Coming clean and public about the subject of addiction and trauma not only gives Ripatti a newfound freedom when expressing her art, but also enables her to speak fearlessly and address the stigma head on.

The music of Cora Ripatti that was once a subconscious release of fractured psyche, dwelling in the shadows of a fringe music scene – is now poised to make a conscious revolution and positive social impact.