Exits to Unknown Entrances



Death – Dying – Grief

This subject matter has been a theme of sorts throughout my life – and has recently resurfaced with profound prominence through an assortment of guises.

Not in a melancholic or macabre sense.

Rather, I have been exploring my relationship with the process of death - the effects of death on those left behind - as well as informing my perspective of what “death” is – what the fully transitioned experience might “be” like. Traversing the limitations of the imagination. One can only “imagine” – the unknown.

I wanted to say at first, what death might “feel” like. But as one’s spirit leaves the body – a tactile sense of “feeling” is perhaps replaced with a formless sense of “being”. Not unlike how one can speak to oneself in the mind – in silence – “hear” with clarity – yet in absence of resonance.

We can look at the many facets of death.

Loss of a physical life form is the most commonly recognized

But death occurs more often - In the day to day.

The severance and transition of energy and relationships

A romance

A career

A move

The closing of a favorite restaurant

Night to Day

Sleep to Wake

The completion of a process

Timed and seemingly untimely releases from people and structures that define our known reality

As we witness and partake in these “living” deaths

We come to understand – that they are in fact transitions


Exits leading to Unknown Entrances

There is no stop

There is no “Dead End”

But rather a Continuum


Sections of life experience become etched with enhanced value

A newfound appreciation is revealed

We hold memories dear

With reverence

We identify what it means to be - 

Sacred - 


Death teaches - Death releases

Death instills gratitude - 

For fleeting moments – to be savored

Death defines the limits of suffering

The amount of suffering a living creature can bear - before flesh fails

The amount of suffering we can bear to witness others endure

Death defines what it means to suffer

To be Severed


But Then –

As time spools on -

With a magical and unexpected alchemy

Death transforms us - 

Ushers our passage to transcend suffering


For those who leave – they transcend this physical plane of existence

For those who remain –

It is how we transcend the suffering of loss

We discover new pathways to connect

Connect with a part – That we can no longer see

That we cannot touch

And yet at precise moments

We can feel within


A memory - Consciousness

We continue to carry

Elements and Articles

Of previously informed existence 

Connection with what lies beyond physical nature

Connection ether that was formerly beyond our capacity for comprehension


Death reunites us with our Spirit

So that we may grow with it


Death Reminds Us –

How To Live